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By joining our team, you help to create the future.

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The Company believes that every employee is unique and has exceptional knowledge and skills. We highly appreciate the employees’ desire for continuous development, their willingness to take responsibility for the result and to share their experience.

Mabscale, LLC creates conditions for unlocking the potential and career growth of each team member. In our activities, we are guided by high international standards, including in our HR and social policies. карьерного роста каждого  члена команды. В своей деятельности мы руководствуемся высокими международными стандартами, в том числе, в кадровой и социальной политике.

Being member of one of the largest pharmaceutical holdings in Russia, Ozon Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Mabscale, LLC guarantees its employees stability and confidence in the future. 


Several reasons to work with us

Mabscale, LLC is an attractive place to start and develop your career.

Personal Development

Corporate training and professional development


Legal and competitive wages

Social package

Catering and corporate transport to the office

Comfortable office

New and modern office space

The Company values your growth

Mabscale, LLC sets high goals and knows that their achievement requires continuous training. The personnel development plays a primary role in this process. Each team has its own training programs:

  • Employees involved in the production are trained to meet the GMP requirements. 
  • Quality divisions’ employees attend thematic seminars, master techniques and working on new equipment.
  • The administrative staff regularly undergoes short-term professional development programs (the presidential management training program, various training courses and workshops). 
  • The Company’s top managers are studying under the MBA program. 

Paid traineeship with Mabscale

Для выпускников ВУЗов и студентов 4-5 курсов

Участие в программе станет отличным началом карьеры и позволит получить ценный опыт работы.

Длительность программы составляет:

от 3-х недель до 3-х месяцев

Программа включает в себя стажировку и обучение в:

  • службе качества
  • службе разработки
  • производственной службе.
  • Great opportunities for training and professional development
  • Opportunity to apply for positions with the Company at the end of the traineeship
  • Заработная плата на период стажировки
  • Бесплатное питание и доставка корпоративным транспортом
  • Employment for the traineeship period according to the Labor Code (fixed-term employment contract)
  • Accommodation compensation (for nonresidents)
If you wish to build your career with us, you should:
  • Пришли отклик/резюме/информацию о себе, с указанием:

    — ФИО
    — ВУЗ (год окончания, специальность, форма обучения, средний балл по диплому)
    — Регион проживания
    — Контактные данные

    на почту:

  • Получи обратную связь и анкету для заполнения

    Дополнительную информацию можно получить по телефону:

    8 (919) 810-70-33

    8 (917) 977-63-24

Student internship

Translating knowledge into experience

Student years are the most fun and unforgettable time in our life; but every student thinks about what he or she will do at the end of studies.

Mabscale, LLC is committed to helping students to choose their future profession. Every year, we invite the best graduates to do their traineeship in our Company.

Start your career right during your studies at the university with an internship and an apprenticeship.

Рост и развитие как профессионала в направлениях:
  • Full-cycle production of biotechnological drugs (genetic engineering, cell biology, biochemistry)
  • Production of biotechnological drugs (industrial cultivation of mammalian cells, biosynthesis and purification of recombinant proteins, sterile bottling of drugs)
  • Quality Control (modern techniques of biochemistry, molecular biology and microbiology). Work in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Quality System.
Real opportunities:
  • Immerse yourself in the professional environment and understand what your future job will be like
  • Use theoretical knowledge in practice; get skills of working for a large company Obtain the necessary data for further study (internship reports, course papers, theses, etc.)
  • Obtain the necessary data for further study (internship reports, course papers, theses, etc.)

We invite talented, diligent, and well-proven young people to join our team. So, your internship is also a good chance to find a job!

How to get to internship?

If you wish to do your internship in a leading pharmaceutical company, please submit an application form, or send your CV by email:

Nonresident students are provided with accommodation for the period of their internship.

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